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Lynn Young

Red Hot Living

Red Hot Living

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Lynn Young's Red Hot Living is part joyride, part memoir, part zesty recipe, part anthem, and part love letter to life. Discovering wild joy in the most unlikely places, Young connects us to our own desires and yes, to finding unimaginable joy no matter what life dishes up. Laugh-out-loud funny, Red Hot Living is a rollicking, unabashed, irresistible read that leads us straight home to our joyful selves.

With ignition, permission, and prescription, this little book reveals how to not only live from passion and find true joy every single day-but how to do it no matter what messiness comes our way (because we all know life gets lifey!). With whimsy, humor and intimacy paired with deep wisdom, soulfulness, and wild optimism, what pours out from Red Hot Living is life herself. Grab a cuppa, curl up, and buckle up-and get ready to be unleashed.

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