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Nina Bunjevac



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Graphic Novels

Nina Bunjevac's brilliant debut graphic novel returns in this expanded 10th Anniversary paperback edition.

Featuring 30 pages of new material and powered by an expressive black and white drawing style, reminiscent of Robert Crumb and the meticulous pointillist technique of Drew Friedman, the dark undertone of Bunjevac's humour brings into light the range of socio-political issues her comics deal with, such as gender, nationalism or urban alienation, always from an ironic feminist perspective.

In the decade since her ground-breaking first edition, Bunjevac has come to be recognized as one of the world's most important comic artists, with her books Fatherland and Bezimena winning awards and garnering praise. Withthis new paperback edition, featuring new stories and drawings, she returns to her roots and shows why she is considered a master of the form.

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